News / Growatt offering XH series of storage ready inverters as future-proof PV solution

Growatt offering XH series of storage ready inverters as future-proof PV solution

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Growatt has introduced its new XH series of storage ready inverters that works with a low voltage battery and has a battery interface which can be easily extended later to a storage system without retrofit cost, providing home owners who are looking to convert their rooftop PV systems into solar storage systems in the future.


As energy storage system costs continue to decline as manufacturing scale increases, multiple gigawatts of residential and commercial rooftop PV systems become economically viable to retro fit an energy storage system. However, extra costs are incurred with the need for a new hybrid inverter. Providing a future-proof PV inverter solution would reduce component and installation costs.


The Growatt MIN 2500-6000TL-XH storage ready inverters are claimed to be the most up-to-date solution for residential PV systems in the industry. It has two MPP trackers and 1.4 DC/AC ratio. Its string current can reach 12.5A and is compatible with bifacial modules. For system monitoring and remote O&M, customers have multiple options such as WIFI-X, GPRS-X, 4G-X, RF or RS485. With the datalogger installed, customers can have access to Growatt Online Smart Service platform for reporting issues and troubleshooting.


Residential and commercial rooftops.


The TL-XH adopts integrated top cover case design and there're no screws on front cover. The design has fewer gaps and provides better protection against water and dust. Aerospace grade materials are used for TL-XH, making the inverter light, durable and flame-retardant. It is around 10.8kg, 35% lighter when compared with other old generation inverters. Internally the inverter has invisible cable routing. Its advanced internal design and patented inductance technology optimized heat dissipation for the inverter. Therefore, the inverter can work under harsh conditions, such as salty air, humidity, and high and low temperatures.