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10.6W Business Solar Backpack is equipped with 2 flexible thin film solar panels to charge mobile phone, electronic devices. Multifunctional storage design with anti theft pocket. Keeping your business trip easy and safe.

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10.6W CIGS Thin Film Cell

Patent MiaSole thin film solar cells originally made in the USA, flexible, light-weight with high efficiency. Optional pull down panel for more energy generation.

High Quality Material

Made of lightweight, water and UV resistant fabric materials

Practical Design

With 2 integrated USB ports, this bag can charge two electronic devices simultaneously, it has large compartments for your belongings and with space separation to split between work and play.

Invisible Anti Theft Design

A hidden anti theft designed pocket to protect your valuables.

Product Highlights


10.6W CIGS Thin Film Cell
Power Output: 5V/1.7A


USB Port * 2


Dimensions: 44cm*30cm*18cm
Capacity: 25L



Product Warranty

Limited Warranty of Business Backpack

Hummingbird group Ltd entitles our customer to a period of one year manufacture limited warranty from the date of the invoice date.