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Humbrella is a multifunctional umbrella built upon thin film solar technology. With 159 patents, Humbrella is a perfect blend of off-grid electricity supply, power storage, illumination, and terminal power charge, all of which put together can satisfy electricity demand of the regions which face scarcity of electric power.

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Beyond Sunshade

Not only does Humbrella shelter you from the rain and the sun, but also converts solar energy into electric power and achieves zero emission through thin film solar technology

CIGS Thin-Flim Solar Cell

50W CIGS Thin-Strip Solar System - Light & Flexible - High efficiency - Generates electricity even in low to poor lighting environments

LG Lithium Power Storage

Humbrella comes equipped with 40000mAh-LG Lithium battery to continuously supply electricity for up to 10 hours of lighting or it can fully charge up to 10 mobile phones.

Night Light

On the inside, Humbrella is evenly installed with LED light belts. One can easily switch between lighting and reading modes. A fully charged Humbrella can provide up to 10 hours of lighting.

Terminal Charge

Humbrella’s handle is coupled with 4 USB charging ports, which can supply power for different mobile devices. It’s also compatible with various home appliances, such as; small lamp, fan and mosquito-repellent It also has the convenience of a DC-Input, for the rainy days.

Water Proof & UV Protection

Water Proof Polyester Based Materials - Offer effective UV protection up to 99% - Water resistant - Prevent colour fading, durable and easy to clean


Convenience is key to Humbrella as it weighs only 9kgs and can be carried and moved around with ease. Moreover, the design of the winder makes it stand and open in less time and with minimal energy. Humbrella, surely is more convenient, intelligent and environment friendly mobile energy product.

Product Highlights


Output: USB * 4
Input: DC * 1

Two level of Brightness

Larger, yet dramatically thinner. More powerful, but remarkably power is efficient.


Approximate 9KG (Without base)

Large Capacity Battery


Product Specification

50W CIGS Thin Film Cell
Power Output: 5V/2A
Power Input: 12V/2A


Height: 2.55m, Diameter of Umbrella Pole: 3.8m , Diameter of Fabric: 2.8m

Product Warranty

Limited Warranty of Humbrella

Hummingbird group Ltd entitles our customer to a period of One year manufacture limited warranty from the date of the invoice date. We guarantees free repair or replacement upon inspection during the limited warranty period.

Manufacture limited warranty DOES NOT apply to the following

  • Cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents and cracks on ports unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship.
  • Damage caused by services performed by anyone other than Hanergy Authorized Service Provider.
  • Damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, fire, improper liquid contact. Earthquake or other external cause.