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Hanergy Mobile Energy is a multinational clean energy company as well as the world’s leading thin-film solar power company, committed to change the world by thin-film solar.

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Humbrella is a multifunctional umbrella built upon thin film solar technology. With 159 patents, Humbrella is a perfect blend of off-grid electricity supply & power storage.

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Humbrella Lighting Light in the dark

Humbrella harnesses Hanergy’s industry-leading thin-film solar technology to blend universal parasol functionality with off-grid power supply, presenting a new solution for both luxury holiday destinations and regions suffering from electricity shortages. Read More

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Our Quality

Our hand picked suppliers are all world-class enterprises. They go beyond extraordinary lengths to provide extraordinary products with superb quality. In addition, all products use renewable energy sources.

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Our Price

With our national sole distribution rights for New Zealand, there is no middlemen, our prices are direct from our manufactures straight into your hands, price driven for our customers, and backed by quality from our suppliers.

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Our Guarantee

We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality at all times, we went beyond suppliers agreement to abstract additional warranty on our products for you, making sure that you are well covered when things go wrong. You can easily find us, over the phone, over email or even in person if you needed to.

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Our Customers Love Us

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The Humbrella is a fantastic outdoor umbrella to have, after purchasing we have had numerous bbq evenings where we needed lighting, and humbrella was just that easy, no lines no plugs just unwind and it works itself! Excellent product to have. Highly recommended!

WOW! Amazing product! The humbrella has definitely been the best purchase for me so far this year. The size is perfect for my backyard and allows me to host numerous gatherings with my family and friends, throughout the entire night without having to think about a big power bill! It literally brings light to our parties!!

Humbrellas are the way to go for lighting and if you love music in the backyard without having to plug your electronics into the wall. Great outdoor furniture to have, im particularly impressed by the water resistance on the material itself when it rains as water just bounces off the surface. Excellent product to have in the family home!