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BlueSolar MPPT 150/35 &150/45

BlueSolar Charge Controller MPPT 150/35 &150/45

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Plug in Power Ltd was created to service system professionals, requiring fit for purpose offgrid, intentional Island or grid connected ESS systems with or without export to grid. Victron equipment is certified to AS/NZS4509 installation requirements using switch mode technology under H-bridge typology that includes the mandatory galvanic separation requirement of AS/NZS4509 installation requirements for certification and safety for user/owners' and validation of their insurance policies. H-Bridge technology is more than 40 years old and very stable. H-bridge is duty cycle life rated at 100% MTBF in loading application. Victron under H-bridge operation with the grid is also an on-line UPS system, with 20 millisecond transition from grid power over to inverter only power. Unlike HF typology Hybrid with grid, no external distribution board requiring additional contactors and relays with change over delay up to 60 seconds, is required with Victron. Simple on-line application with grid feed through, waiting for grid failure or interactive full ESS interfacing using the grid above the inverter rating for surge and overload.