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SC400 Platinum Series

Complete 4kW, 4.8kW, 5.6kW dual micro-inverter system with Risen panels and black racking

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APsystems develops, manufactures, markets and offers the world’s largest solar microinverters solutions range including advanced monitoring, online software platform and apps ideal for the residential and commercial businesses. Led by innovation, APsystems was founded in 2010 in the Silicon Valley, California and is headquartered in China with offices and warehouses in Europe, Mexico, Australia (Sydney) and the United States. Over the years, APsystems has become the world’s largest and most advanced multi-module MLPE solution provider, offering microinverter and rapid shutdown devices for the global solar PV industry. With millions of units sold producing more than 3 TWh of clean, renewable energy, APsystems continues to be a leader in the ever-growing solar MLPE segment.