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Smile S6 HV goes the extra mile with its ability to be on-grid and off-grid. If you experience a power cut or disconnect from the grid, the automated islanding function will kick-in and use your stored electricity to power your home.

In today’s world, much of our lives are assisted using the power of technology, which is why the Smile S6 was designed to be a high-voltage product. It is 8 percent more efficient than our Smile5 residential battery due to its ability to have an output rate of 6kW, and simultaneously store an additional 3kW. This means when the solar panels are producing maximum energy, it is stored for later use as opposed to going to waste.

Our Smile S6 HV battery systems can pair with up to six batteries, with the large 8.2kWh battery expanding your storage capacity to 49.2kWh.

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